An Mpresif Story

As the owner and director of Mpresif Marketing & Consulting (Pty) Ltd., I find the South African business industry fascinating. Many entrepreneurs start their own businesses, because many of them have a certain skill-set and need to provide their families with a sustainable income. It is my passion to share my marketing knowledge with these business owners, giving them an objective view of the industry they operate in and share ideas on how they can creatively increase their visibility. 

I have more than 9 years experience within the field where I've worked in various different industries such as advertising, communications and education, where my role was mainly strategic marketing and design. My own company is two years young and I've been a member of BNI Tshwane which grew my knowledge of the South African business landscape.

Seeing myself as a people developer, my passion does lie with my workshops wherein I focus on social media marketing and how to use the tools you've got right at your disposal effectively. My strongpoints are definitely research and content writing. As a strong philanthropist my longterm dream for this company is to aid non-profit organisations in their goals of eradicating violence in our country.     

The personality of the company is integrity, honesty, quality and creativity. It is always my goal to implement these characteristics in all the work that I endeavour.